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A few thoughts about The Hunger Games

I’m not very culturally relevant these days. I can tell you what size diaper a 22-month-old would likely wear (though my daughter wears size sixes up to her armpits so I don’t have to sort between her and her almost-potty-trained, just-turned-three big brother). I know what foods have to be bribed into little tummies (pretty […]

When Kerry’s not home

I spent the last two evenings throwing brain cells in the trash by the handfuls. Kerry was away doing meaningful things, so apparently I had to provide some balance. Evening 1: The Bachelor. Oh my. Just looked up this show for the first time and watched an episode posted on ABC’s website. SO AWFUL. And […]

They must be joking

There’s a commercial that plays on a lot of new dvd rentals these days. Apparently I’ve been too busy making fun of it to remember what the product and company names are, but its boast is something like: “Now you can take your movies with you wherever you go!” It shows a squeaky clean American […]