There’s a reason he was ours (Part 5/9)

Kerry and I have both been surprised to discover that we don’t feel like something was ripped away from us as much as we feel like God gave us a gift. We expected to have Luke all our lives, but when it turned out we didn’t get to, we felt glad to have had him at all. What if God had offered to spare us the sorrow of losing him by erasing the joy of having him?

No deal.

It’s no accident that he was born to us. I don’t know that I could make any theological case for it, but it seems like Luke must be aware of us. Not necessarily “looking down on us from heaven,” but he arrived there from somewhere, right? Though he awoke to the face of Jesus, it is still significant that God created his body and placed his soul for a time in my womb, through my union with Kerry. We were still chosen by God to bear him and be his parents on this earth.


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