I like spreadsheets and charts.

I used to love spreadsheets and charts, but I’ve mellowed out a little. At some point organization can become a counterproductive obsession … like when you spend more time designing systems and making to-do lists than you actually spend doing tasks. Ahem.

But I do still like spreadsheets and charts. When I first got married, I walked through each room in our new home and wrote down all the things that needed to be done to maintain it. Then I organized them by frequency and made this monthly chores chart. Feel free to use it if you think it can be helpful!


You can print this blank one if you want.



One comment

  1. There is a reason God made you so organized! So others can steal your ideas 🙂 🙂 I am printing these as I type. I like to be organized, but have to work at it – this chart will actually save me time! Thanks!

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