“Be not satisfied…”

“Get positive knowledge of your love for Jesus, and be not satisfied till you can speak of your interest in Him as a reality, which you have made sure by having received the witness of the Holy Spirit, and His seal upon your soul by faith.”

It’s worth reading this whole reflection of Charles Spurgeon, which appears in his Morning and Evening daily readings dated September 3.

Do I really love Jesus? Do I know it? Or am I one of the people who can only say that I hope I love him? This was a convicting concept for me because I think I’m more the latter. I can’t say I love Jesus with the same certainty that I say it of my sweet kids and husband. I love him intellectually, but I’m not sure I love him heart and soul.

I’m not satisfied with that, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot I can do about it. At least, not in my own strength. My very motives for wanting to love Jesus are suspect. I want to radiate love for him … but for whose sake and whose glory? People who radiate love for Jesus are warm, caring, sacrificial, influential. Is that why I want to love him more? So I can be that kind of person? Sadly, I think my pursuit of “more love” would be less about him and more about what I get out of it.

Fortunately it’s not up to me. Spurgeon says: “True love to Christ is in every case the Holy Spirit’s work, and must be wrought in the heart by Him. He is the efficient cause of it; but the logical reason why we love Jesus lies in Himself.” I don’t get to sit back and do nothing, but my pursuit shouldn’t be after heart change — it should be after Jesus himself.

So … what does it look like to pursue Jesus for himself? Perhaps not much different from what it looks like to pursue, with intention, any other friendship. But with the wonderful assurance that he welcomes and returns our pursuit.


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