Getting smart about boy socks

Kerry claims he told me this a couple of years ago, but his brilliance must have been lost on me then. Now I fully acknowledge it.

My life and laundry became WAY more simple when I stopped trying to match the dozens and dozens of cute little pairs of boy socks we had. For a few years I had a basket (a large basket) of mismatched socks that I always intended to sort. A couple of times I took the time to do it, and had some matching socks for a few days. But mostly it just annoyed the heck out of me.

So finally I got rid of all the cute little boy socks (by giving them to unsuspecting girlfriends, for which I feel bad) and replaced them with one simple kind. Many, many pairs that all look exactly the same. (This works even better because the boys can all wear the same size sock right now.)

No more matching. No more pairing at all. Now all the socks come out of the dryer and go straight into the sock bin.



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