Why “Not By Myself”?

I have three little boys who think they can do everything by themselves.

“I DO IT!” yells my two-year-old as he yanks a plate of food out of my hands, flinging partially cut chicken and buttered green beans all over the floor.

“If a monster is under my bed, I’ll just kill it!” boasts my three-year-old a few minutes before he runs to me screaming that his brother is pointing a stick at him from across the yard.

“I can drive the car, Mom,” says my four-year-old, fully expecting me to let him.

As a mom, I want my growing boys (and baby girl) to achieve more and more independence. I want them to learn to cut their own food, fight and win battles (the right ones, in the right way), and drive cars. Like every other parent, my days are full of training in those areas (and full of the bittersweet dread of success).

But independence isn’t the most important thing I can help my kids learn. Their growing independence from me and Daddy needs to be matched by a growing dependence on God … their true and perfect Daddy … their Creator and King.

I still have a lot to learn about dependence on God. It’s incredibly comforting to know I don’t have to do this Wife and Mommy and Friend thing by myself. Except when I forget. And except when I don’t like it because depending on someone else means not doing everything my way. It’s comforting except for those times.

But just like my little ones, I have a loving Parent who works hard to help me grow and mature. So this blog will probably include some of those lessons in dependence, and the fruit and failure that comes along the way. And some other fun stuff.


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